Reading at Barclay
At Barclay we are committed to raising achievement in reading. Our long-term goal is that when every child leaves our school that they are not only a confident reader but also somebody who truly has a passion for reading and books.
Below you can read an interview with one of our teachers about- 'What their favourite book is?'

Stuck for something to read...
At Barclay we believe that every child should have access to good quality texts that stimulate and inspire children (and adults) to read for pleasure. Below you will find a recommended reading list for each year group of our favourite books which has been compiled by the staff at Barclay. These are high quality texts which promise to engage and challenge even the most reluctant of readers! It is important that children are encouraged and supported with their reading and are choosing books that are age appropriate.  All of these books can be obtained from good book shops or your local library.