Reading is a life-long skill and one that we know is important to all of our children.  At Barclay we have been working very hard to ensure that every child leaves a competent reader - but more than that - we want every child to be excited by reading and the possibilities and experiences that brings.

Suggested Book Lists:
Reading at home:

To ensure that every child is able to excel and develop as a reader, it is important that they are reading at home.  We have developed a reading 'flip book'. 

How should I use it?

After your child has finished their reading, pick up the flip book and choose 2-3 questions for them.  Ensure that they answer in full sentences.

Why is it useful?

Oral rehearsal (speaking out loud) supports children not only with their recall (remembering the story) but also with their ability to form answers to questions.

Reading Flip Book:


How often should we use this?

We expect children to read every night at home.  Why not try to use the flip book 2-3 times per week?
Readers for life:

We want every child to be a reader for life and to enjoy a life-long affinity to experiencing the places that books can transport us to.

What can I do outside of school?

1.    Join the local library.



2.    Create a culture of reading.

How often does your child see you actively reading?  Spend some time reading your own books/material and you will soon see your child wanting to copy!!

If you need any help with helping your child to learn to love reading - book an appointment with your child's class teacher.