How can my child get SEN help in school?
Children in school will get support that is specific to their individual needs. This may all be provided either internally by other school staff or from external agencies such as SaLT (Speech and Language Therapy) and the Educational Psychology Department.

Types of support provided also showing the stage of the SEND Code of Practice

What would this mean for your child?

Who can get this kind of support?

What are the different types of support available for children with SEN in this school?

Class teacher



§  Will have the highest possible expectations for your child.

§  All teaching is based on building on what your child already knows.

§  Putting in place different ways of teaching so that your child is fully involved in learning in class.

§  Putting in place specific strategies (which may be suggested by the Inclusion Manager/SENCO    or outside staff) to support your child to learn.

All children in the class/school.




Individual or small group work

§  Gaps will have been identified in your child’s understanding/learning that may require                    additional support.

§  He/she will plan group sessions for your child with targets to help your child to make more            progress.

§  Teaching Assistant/Teacher or outside professional (like a Speech and Language Therapist)      will run these small group sessions following either plans or a recommended programme.

Any child who has specific gaps in their understanding and learning


Specialist groups run by outside agencies e.g. Speech and Language therapy


AND/OR  Individual support





§  If your child has been identified as needing additional input, referrals can be made to outside        agencies to advise and support the school in enabling your child to make progress.

§  Your child’s progress will be discussed with you and your permission will be gained prior to          making a referral.

§  The specialist professional will work with your child to understand their needs and make                recommendations, which may include:

 Making changes to the way your child is supported in class.
–  A group run by school staff under following recommendations from outside                          professional.
 –  A group or individual work with outside professional.

§  Children looked after by the local authority (LAC) will be supported in school by the school          working closely with outside agencies, by attending meetings and making sure that all                 ‘personal education plans’ are completed and adhered to. In addition, they could be                      included in the following:

        – Nurture groups run by the Learning Mentor

    – Lunchtime Clubs

   – After-school Clubs.

Children with specific barriers to learning

Specified Individual support is usually provided via an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)



§   With the parents/child’s permission a referral can be made to the local authority to carry out     a statutory assessment of your child’s needs.


Children whose  learning needs are:

- Severe, complex and lifelong
- Need a considerable amount of support in school