All Schools have admissions criteria to decide which children can be allocated places.

Your local council can give you a booklet about schools’ criteria and how to apply. If you’re applying for a school place after the start of the school year (eg changing schools), contact the council.

Admissions criteria are different for each school. For example, schools may give priority to children:

  • Who have a brother or sister at the school already
  • Who live close to the school
  • From a particular religion (for faith schools)
  • Who do well in an entrance exam (for selective schools eg grammar schools or stage schools)
  • Who went to a particular primary school (a ‘feeder school’)
  • In care or being looked after (all schools must have this as a top priority)
Applying for Primary School
If you would like your child to attend Barclay Primary School, please visit the Waltham Forest Admissions webpage for more information. If you have any concerns or problems with the process please come and see us at the school, or you can contact us directly on 020 8539 6777.

To read our full Admissions policy 
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Secondary School Transfers

Before making the application:
  • Read the information brochure
  • Contact other Authorities that you are interested in
  • Contact schools and ask for a prospectus
  • Look at the schools' websites
  • Find out if any of the schools require a supplementary information form (SIF)
  • Read OFSTED reports on the schools 
  • Go to the schools' open evenings

Key points to be aware of:

  • Most schools are OVER SUBSCRIBED each year
  • Try and get a REALISTIC idea of whether your child will be offered a place. You can do this by
  1. Reading the admission criteria for each school (they are not all the same)
  2. Checking the number admissions made last year and how the places were allocated
  3. Reading the prospectus to ensure that the schools curriculum and aims suit the needs of your child
  4. Thinking about travel and possible costs

Additional Help

Choice advice - this is a service for parents who want help or need advice when applying for their child. 
For an appointment call
 0845 877 0031

  • Assistance with form filling
  • Provide independent advice
  • Supporting SEN applications
  • Admission Policies
  • Support Appeals

Making Your Application:

Applications should be made online between                   

1 September 2014 and 31 October 2014

Why the change to Online?

• Speeds up the process

• Ensures that applications are not misplaced in the post

• Allows data checking and helps reduce errors

• Reduces paperwork

• Indicates errors before submission

• Allows checking and changes right up to 23:59 on 31 Oct

• The results are available earlier

• You can access the website anywhere.

The Application:
Online applications can be made at:
Common Application Forms (CAF) can be obtained from:

Visiting the website:

Or emailing

Or calling 0845 877 0031

Or by visiting Graylaw House, 394 High Road, Leyton London E106QE

Outcome of Application:

National Offer Day takes place on the 3rd of March 2014. You can log on from 5:00pm on this date to find out the results of your application. If you have submitted a paper application then you will be written to on this date. You will be told:

  • The name of the school at which your child has been offered a place. (Applications for schools that were listed lower than the school offered will be withdrawn)

  • How to accept the offer that you have been given

  • How to find out more about why your child was not offered a higher preference

  • How to have your child's name added to a higher preference waiting list

  • How the waiting list operates

  • How to appeal