Why do we give homework?
Homework assignments are meant to reinforce what has been learnt at school.

Barclay is committed to raising achievement for all children. Our Homework Policy forms a vital part of this initiative. Research shows that time spent on learning activities at home significantly increases achievement overall.

How to support your child
We ask you to support your child's learning at home and in everyday life in the following ways:

  • Read with them as often as possible, visit the local library and encourage your child to select a variety of books to read.
  • Ensure that your child completes their homework.
  • Encourage the use of maths concepts in everyday life, for example, when cooking or shopping, practise timetables. 
  • Play games together, for example, Scrabble or Connect 4.

Top 10 Homework tips
This Getting In To Homework pack has been designed for parents to help their children with their learning. Parents can make a difference to their child’s success, even by just spending a little more time with them. The pack contains some helpful tools and ideas, designed for parents/carers to help children with their homework.

To read our full Homework Policy, click here.