Music curriculum

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Music is something that every child has the right to access and, here at Barclay, every single child is provided with many different opportunities to enjoy this unique subject area. Music has the power to help children express themselves and to learn about different cultures, traditions and histories, forging important links between the home, school and the wider world.

In the classroom, from Nursery up to Year 6, children are taught how to play the ukulele, the recorder, the xylophone and a variety of percussion instruments. We also have 30 dedicated music iPads and headsets for use in music lessons.

In assemblies the children sing songs composed specifically for Barclay, with hundreds of their peers, embodying the ethos of Barclay and its Five Ways, and the school rock band accompanies them in whole school assemblies when they make up a 1,000-strong choir.

Outside of the classroom, a wide range of instrumental lessons are provided – trumpet, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, cello and piano – and we run group sessions including: an orchestra, jazz group and choir, and 
after-school music clubs for Gifted and Talented students.

Through learning to perform, compose, and discover the world of music, children gain valuable lessons in self-discipline, creativity, aesthetic awareness, sensitivity, teamwork and fulfilment; and even the quietest individuals can gain huge amounts of self-confidence. 

Regular public concerts both at the school and in the local community provide the performance focus for our students, and we hope to record and video our children performing so the online community can see some of the fantastic things that are being achieved here at Barclay.

Please see the curriculum map for a breakdown of the units taught in each year group.