Humanities curriculum

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The aim is to ensure that our pupils have awe and wonder brought to them in topic lessons across all key stages so that the children are engaged and most importantly are enjoying and having fun during lessons. At Barclay, we believe that children should have an in-depth understanding of learning about new people, key situations, events and how the past has changed how we live in today’s current society.

In Geography and History, children learn to use a range of first- and second-hand sources to develop important research skills as well as the skills of investigation, analysis and problem-solving.

Geography, at Barclay, is about stimulating children’s interest in their surroundings and the world at large. They learn about different climates and conditions on the Earth’s surface and how these affect the environment and the lives of those who live there.

History, at Barclay, is about inspiring children to find out about the lives of people in the past. Children are taught important research skills that help them to interpret and explain historical events. Higher up in the school, children will also compare different accounts and analyse their reliability.

Please see the curriculum map for a breakdown of the units taught in each year group.