Day Care
We opened our doors in September 2006 and offer full and part time day care. Part time can be made up of days for the 0-2’s and for the 2-5’s we offer full day care as well to include the ‘Free Early Education Entitlement’.

We have a 50 place nursery for children from 6 months to 5
years within two group rooms, one is for the 0-2’s, where we
can take up to 12 children and the 2-5’s where we can take up
38 children.

Our opening hours: Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm, 48 weeks per year.

We maintain good staff ratios and operate a minimum of:

1 adult for 3 children under 2
1 adult for 4 children 2-3 years
1 adult for 8 children 3-5 years

Staffing in the rooms consists of 1 lead practitioner who has EYPS, another member of staff who holds an early years degree, 6 members of staff with level 3 and 1 member of staff with level 2.

 Age of child
Cost per week
 Cost per day
0-2 years 
2-3 years
£195 £44
not including government funding
not including government funding
This will vary due to the number
of days

The schedule of fees is reviewed annually – usually in September each year, but the Centre reserves the right to review fees sooner if necessary. Fees for the under threes remain higher than the rest of the Centre due to the staff:child ratios being higher for this age group. Parents are always given notice of the fee increase at least a month in advance and are provided with the revised fee structure for that year.

School Nursery

The school nursery offers parents the Free entitlement of either 4 mornings or afternoons plus one full day. We have 66 places and are currently full.  This is staffed by one teacher, and three qualified nursery nurses.

We have three classes of 30 children.  This is staffed by three teachers and three learning support assistants.

Since becoming an academy in September 2013 we have been working at improving the consistency of good practice and resources across the two buildings.

We have been working at making the provision equitable for all children.  We have been linking with staff at Barclay primary who have been working with us on improving the environment and resources.

We have made improvements to planning and focus group activities and next term we will have a consistent approach to tracking children’s attainment across the site.