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Diary Dates - Autumn Term 2 2017-18

Newsletter - September 29th

Last week at Barclay:

In a whole school assembly on Friday, we celebrated two exciting events: 'Harvest Festival' and National Poetry Day on Thursday.

All pupils and teachers were asked to memorise and remember a poem of choice.  Well done to all children who performed in front of the entire school - we were very proud of you!

15th September - Newsletter

Barclay Bike Update

posted 14 Aug 2017, 10:00 by Daniel-John Constable

Barclay Bike and the Attendance Party - Update

As you know, last year we introduced the Barclay Reading Bike Scheme - a child from each phase receiving a bike from a raffle of children who had read daily at home.  We were unable to give away bikes in the Summer Term due to the bikes not arriving in school on time.  Therefore, the draw for the bikes will happen in the new term!  (All tickets have been stored from last term!)

The 100% attendance party is happening at the end of the second week in the Autumn Term.  We postponed this event due to staff being absent - apologies.  We can't wait to share our 100% children from last term in assembly.

Year 2 Tower of London Trip

posted 13 Mar 2017, 04:26 by Katelyn Wood

Year 2 Tower of London Trip

This week Year 2 went to the Tower of London and a had a great time walking around the White Tower. The White Tower is one of the most famous castle keeps in the world. It was built, to awe, subdue and terrify Londoners and to deter foreign invaders. There were amazing things to see, like the armour and weapons kept in the White Tower keep. They also had the opportunity to visit the Crown Jewels and we were all very amazed to see all the lovely jewels. The children enjoyed a talk and tour of the Tower from a knight - a few children were even knighted themselves, so we have some lords and ladies in Year 2 now!  We are so grateful to all the parents who assisted on the trip - you were amazing and helped to ensure that the children had a safe and enjoyable time. Importantly, all the children were extremely well-behaved and a credit to Barclay Primary School.


posted 8 Feb 2017, 03:09 by Katelyn Wood   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 10:02 by Daniel-John Constable ]


posted 8 Feb 2017, 03:07 by Katelyn Wood   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 10:02 by Daniel-John Constable ]

Knight and Castles Topic Entry Point - Year 2

posted 5 Jan 2017, 09:13 by Katelyn Wood

Year 2 Knights and Castle Topic Entry Point

First day back, our Year 2 children looked lovely in their Knights, Princes, Princesses, dragon and wizard outfits. Throughout the day we were engaged in lots of fun activities. Some of which included;

Fashion show

Children walked down the aisle and showed off their lovely outfit.

Designing our own Coat of Arms

The children discussed about how having a coat of arms started, and that they came in different shapes and sizes as well as the meanings of the different charges. Below are a few examples of children’s designs;

Making a repeated pattern mosaic with a knight or castle silhouette

We took our time  to create our repeated pattern using different coloured squares and glued it together.

A huge WELL DONE to our Year 2 children for all their efforts on Wednesday!

Maths Week - Week Beginning January 16th

posted 5 Jan 2017, 09:10 by Katelyn Wood

Monday 16th January sees the launch of our annual Maths week! This year, lots of fun activities will be taking place across the school including a murder mystery workshop for Years 3, 4 and 5, Maths in art lessons and a school wide figure me out quiz!  

To add further excitement to this extravaganza, on Wednesday 18th January, pupils from Year 5 and 6 are invited to open a bank account via HSBC bank. Members of staff from the Walthamstow branch will be leading a presentation explaining the benefits of opening a bank account and saving money.  Parents of Year 5 and Year 6 students are welcome to join us with the relevant identity documents needed to open an account. If you are interested in opening an account for your child you can pop into the school office to collect an application form. To open an account your will need:

* an original passport or birth certificate for your child

*a council tax bill or gas/electricity bill which displays your home address 
(not a mobile phone bill)

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to teach your child about the discipline and importance of saving!

Incident Update: Public Disturbance this Morning – Canterbury Road / Essex Road- 4th January 2017

posted 5 Jan 2017, 09:09 by Katelyn Wood


This morning we had an unpleasant scene with an intoxicated local resident causing a public disturbance in the street and on the corner of Canterbury Road and Essex Road at 09h00.  The police were called and rapidly arrived to help resolve the situation. We would like to thank the parents who helped Mr James to try and contain the situation until the police assistance arrived.


Should any footage of the incident come to light on social media, the school requests that parents and carers help to downplay this isolated event by not sharing or commenting on this further.


If any parents wish to discuss the matter further or be concerned about what happened, please do come to reception and ask to speak to either Mr James or Mr Tyers.


Thank you.


Barclay Primary School

Spring Term Swimming - Year 4

posted 5 Jan 2017, 09:06 by Katelyn Wood

This Term Year 4 will be going swimming as part of their PE. Please see the dates below.

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th January

3rd, 10th February


24th February 

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th March

If you have an queries or questions in regards to swimming please speak to your class teacher or Mr Martineau.

Barclay Primary App

posted 2 Jan 2017, 09:40 by Katelyn Wood   [ updated 2 Jan 2017, 09:40 ]

The Barclay Primary School App will be used as our main source of communication.

In particular, the school will use it to share:

  • Newsletters

  • Trip Letters

  • Text Messages

  • Clubs Information

  • Term Dates

Registration Video

For further information on setting up the App, click here.

The App will be free to download from to any smart phone, including Android and iOS.

We will be setting you up into individual year groups, sets, clubs etc. so that only relevant information is sent to you that is pertinent to your child plus whole school communications. It will work like a normal application with notification but also have key information like dates, contacts and general school information. If you do not register and download the free application, you will miss out on key information.

As part of this, we would like to reduce any paper copying or hard copies as part of our work towards the Green Flag environment award. If by chance you do not have a compatible phone we will look to use the website as our secondary form of communication and look at a case by case solution.

Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge

posted 24 Nov 2016, 01:37 by Katelyn Wood

This week Year 4 went to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford as part of their Tudor topic. The Hunting Lodge was built on the orders of Henry VIII in 1543 and the children got to enjoy exhibitions on Tudor food and fashion and soak up the atmosphere of an incredible building nearly 500 years after it was first built.

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