School Vision

A message from the Executive Head Teacher

At Barclay Primary, we want children to be happy and successful. We strive to develop confident, young people who want to learn and achieve their best but also with an understanding of others and the world around them.

At the heart of our school is a dedicated team of staff who are committed to providing an outstanding education for every child, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. No excuse is given or accepted as to why a child cannot succeed at Barclay Primary.

As an inclusive, caring school where every child matters, we recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and part of our role is to help children to discover these. We therefore challenge and develop our children to become curious, autonomous learners who are inspired and stimulated through a rich and varied curriculum, appropriate to individual needs. We develop children’s learning skills and by setting high expectations and exacting standards, we prepare our children to flourish, and have high self-esteem and self-belief.

Through Barclay’s Five Ways, children develop core values – Respect, Responsibility, Aspiration, Honesty and Kindness. We encourage a community spirit and sense of belonging, where children show respect for each other, they understand differences and have a very clear sense of right and wrong. When children leave Barclay, they do so not only as enthusiastic learners, but as responsible and caring young people.

Although working within the organisation of an Academy Trust, Barclay Primary is, and always will be, a ‘community’ school. 

We aim to work closely with our parents, other schools and organisations, building partnerships which benefit not only our children, but others in the wider community, both on a local, national and global level.

We invest heavily in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Provision is of the highest quality and includes an ICT suite, tablets, and trolleys of laptops. A robust electronic security tagging system ensures that these fantastic learning resources are protected. 

Barclay also has a performing arts hall with state-of-the-art technology and a Children's Centre, which provides support for our families and community. Our broad curriculum and range of afternoon activities support children’s enjoyment and development. Our extended care programmes run for 48 weeks a year and include Breakfast, Tea Time and Holiday Club provision.

If you would like more information about joining our school, please contact us or download our school prospectus video.

Justin James
Executive Head Teacher