Who are we?

Over the last six years Barclay has established itself as a very successful school, where children make rapid progress and attain high educational standards despite facing many challenging circumstances. In May 2016, the school was judged by OFSTED to be “OUTSTANDING”.

We aim to create a safe, welcoming and caring environment, where all are respectful and work together as a community, for the children their families and the staff. We teach all to value different communities and religions and to respect and understand people’s lifestyles and background.

We as a school aim to challenge all pupils academically, make them assessment proficient learners with a strong focus on targeted teaching for each pupil. Children develop academic and life skills and understand that learning does not stop at the school gate and is a lifelong process.

Our Vision & Aims:

  •  To provide a kind, safe and stimulating environment in which to educate each child so he/she can reach their full potential
  • To create a happy, healthy school in which everyone feels valued
  • To ensure all teaching is targetted to the individual needs of each pupil so they are able to make rapid and sustained progress across the curriculum.
  • To have high aspirations and expectations for all children in behaviour and achievement
  • To encourage children to be self-motivated, positive learners with enquiring minds so they can apply themselves to tasks with increased self-discipline, and have responsibility for their actions and learning.
  • To provide an inclusive, diverse curriculum, which is balanced and differentiated to each child’s needs and ability.
  • To use technology to support and engage pupils throughout the curriculum
  • To make sure all pupils develop a strong sense of self; through digital citizenship and e safety lessons
  • To have an ethos in which all children co-operate with each other, to show respect and tolerance towards others.
  • To involve parents and carers in their children’s education
  • We achieve all this under the banner of the Barclay Five Ways - Aspiration, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Kindness
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